False Authority Syndrome

False Authority Syndrome by Rob Rosenberger The information in this section was provided by and used with permission of Rob Rosenberger who … [Read more...]

DOS Boot Sector

When a floppy diskette is formatted (it doesn't matter if it's a system or data disk) the very first portion of the disk is set aside for two main … [Read more...]

Partition Sector

On hard (fixed) disk drives, the very first sector is the partition sector (often known as the Master Boot Record [MBR] or partition table). Each … [Read more...]

Virus Plural

The correct English plural of virus is viruses. Please consult any good dictionary before making up words. The following comes from usenet and … [Read more...]

Backup Strategy

Too many people wait for a problem to happen or a virus to attack their PC before they take any action. Once a virus reveals its presence on your PC, … [Read more...]

On-going Virus Information

The first place to check often is the web site of your anti-virus provider. There you should find alerts for the latest viruses, information about … [Read more...]

Miscellaneous Pages

This page is basically a menu item placeholder for the various miscellaneous pages used and referenced throughout the CKnow Virus Tutorial. It … [Read more...]

Virus Tutorial License

This tutorial is Copyright 1996 through the current year, Computer Knowledge. All Rights Reserved. Individual pages contain specific dates as … [Read more...]

Anti-Virus Software

Anti-Virus Software Companies (Alphabetical order... position in the list does not indicate any recommendation of one over another or, for that … [Read more...]

Disable Scripting

In order to run VisualBasic Scripts (VBS files) on your computer you must have the Windows Scripting Host (WSH) installed and working on your … [Read more...]