Things That Might Indicate Your Computer Is Infected

Despite the title, it's important to note that if your computer is infected you may not have any indication of that infection. Much malware leaves no … [Read more...]

Random Thoughts

This is the start of the CKnow blog. It will be a random entry blog of items of interest to the CKnow Website owner and posting will depend on when … [Read more...]

Google’s Server Setup

CNET News has posted a story about how Google manages their server farm(s). This once secret information reveals a company who, despite their revenue, … [Read more...]

Cyber Attacks Getting Worse?

[Original post 4/10/2009] Increasing news reports are indicating that cyber attacks are both increasing and getting increasingly bad. A number of … [Read more...]

Twitter Worm(s)

Twitter and other services need to address security. You, the user, need to as well. Yet another Twitter cross-site scripting worm is making its … [Read more...]

Les Misérables

[Original post 5/6/2009] Les Misérables as put on by the California Central Coast-based PCPA organization is an outstanding … [Read more...]

Any Servicemember Mail Suspended

As ex-military, I support supporting the troops. One of the ways of doing so, widely written about on the Web, is to address a letter to "any … [Read more...]

Where Did AddThis Go?

For most of June 2009 CKnow had an AddThis button in the footer of the site. This button allowed users to highlight pages on various bookmarking … [Read more...]

Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Every now and again while wandering around the Internet I find something very interesting. Found something today [7/17/2009] that is outstanding for … [Read more...]

20 July 1969 – Moon Landing 40th Anniversary

[Originally posted 7/18/2009] Assuming you are over 40 where were you on that day? I had the outline and major points in mind but could not come up … [Read more...]