Computer Knowledge Newsletter – January 1997 Issue

In This Issue: E-mail viruses and other hoaxes Virus News If you have not received a warning about one of several E-mail viruses, just sit … [Read more...]

Computer Knowledge Newsletter – February 1997 Issue

In This Issue: ShareFun virus NaughtyRobot hoax Airport security scam Virus News If you are in a corporate environment and run Microsoft … [Read more...]

Computer Knowledge Newsletter – March 1997 Issue

In This Issue: Internet VirusPatrol Web spoofing GET command security problem Virus News No new outstanding viruses to report this month; … [Read more...]

Computer Knowledge Newsletter – April 1997 Issue

In This Issue: Macro viruses CGI problem Monitor rebate Virus News There are over 500 macro viruses now. By far, these have quickly … [Read more...]

Computer Knowledge Newsletter – May/June 1997 Issue

In This Issue: AOL4FREE No spam list Fire ants Personal page update Virus News The AOL4FREE "virus" has gotten a lot of play in the … [Read more...]

Computer Knowledge Newsletter – June 1997 Issue

In This Issue: AOL attacks Office97 viruses Data backup Personal information packaging/sales Loan scam Shareware Hall of Fame Attention … [Read more...]

Computer Knowledge Newsletter – July 1997 Issue

In This Issue: AOL backs down Anonymous browsing/proxy server Hate groups Digital certificates Virus News The virus world has been … [Read more...]

Computer Knowledge Newsletter – August 1997 Issue

In This Issue: Push Small company network security Internet problems IE problems More AOL-related scams Year 2000 Credit reports Virus … [Read more...]

Computer Knowledge Newsletter – September 1997 Issue

In This Issue: New viruses: Spanska and Baboon Encryption debate What happens when the law comes Virus News Two different viruses have … [Read more...]

Computer Knowledge Newsletter – October 1997 Issue

In This Issue: AOL cookie rumor Data recovery SAFE bill Spam Early year 2000 problem The Euro Virus News AOL Cookie Rumor. If you have … [Read more...]