Outlook and Outlook Express

This page will hopefully clarify some of the noted confusion about the ability of Outlook and Outlook Express to interact with worms and viruses. In … [Read more...]

Update Update Update

Today's software is quite complicated. Small programs can run to thousands of lines of source code and Windows itself is likely in the millions of … [Read more...]

File Extensions

One of the most asked questions lately is "What extensions should I scan and/or watch for in E-mail attachments?" While a valid question, some caveats … [Read more...]

Safe Computing Practices

There are some common sense things you can do to help protect yourself against viruses and worms. Update AV Software. Obviously, the first and … [Read more...]

Integrity Checking

Integrity checking products work by reading your entire disk and recording integrity data that acts as a signature for the files and system sectors. … [Read more...]


Interceptors (also known as resident monitors) are particularly useful for deflecting logic bombs and Trojans. The interceptor monitors operating … [Read more...]

AV Product Use Guidelines

Most modern anti-virus products use a combination of techniques. However, they still get almost all of their protection from their scanner component. … [Read more...]