Social Engineering

There are far too many social engineering techniques than could be listed here but by giving a few examples you can get the idea of what sorts of … [Read more...]

Hardware Threats

Hardware problems are all too common. We all know that when a PC or disk gets old, it might start acting erratically and damage some data before it … [Read more...]


In terms of sheer number of viruses, these were the most numerous for some time. However, because of bugs in the virus code, they have not been the … [Read more...]

System Sectors

System sectors are special areas on your disk containing programs that are executed when you boot (start) your PC. Every disk (even if it only … [Read more...]

What Viruses Infect

Viruses can infect a number of different portions of the computer's operating and file system. These include: System Sector Viruses: These infect … [Read more...]

Types of Viruses

Computer viruses come in a variety of types. Breaking them into categories is not easy as many viruses have multiple characteristics and so would fall … [Read more...]

Virus Droppers

Normally, you obtain a virus by either attempting to boot from an infected floppy disk, by running an infected file, or by loading an infected … [Read more...]


These malicious programs are named after the Trojan horse, which delivered soldiers into the city of Troy. Like the horse, a Trojan program is … [Read more...]


A worm is a self-reproducing program that does not infect other programs as a virus will, but instead creates copies of itself, and these create even … [Read more...]

Why Do People Write Viruses?

Back in the dim mists of time, most virus writers were people who just wanted to test the system and push the envelope. They delighted in finding a … [Read more...]