How to Use File Shredder to Permanently Delete Files

In the article "How to Securely Delete a File" we saw that using Windows to delete a file is not the way to do so securely. To completely delete a … [Read more...]

Virus Tutorial Table of Contents

Table of Contents The tutorial is designed to be read start to finish but should you wish to jump directly to a tutorial page, come back here and use … [Read more...]

Visual Basic Files

The exploit popular earlier were Visual Basic Script (VBS) worms. What is VBS? Let's see what Microsoft says: Microsoft® Visual Basic® … [Read more...]

Batch Files

While not often found, it is possible to write a batch file that contains a virus. In most cases the batch file is used to drop a memory or disk virus … [Read more...]

Some Virus Threat Details

These pages detail some techniques that various historical viruses/worms use to infect. There is not enough information here to enable you to write a … [Read more...]

On-going Virus Information

The first place to check often is the web site of your anti-virus provider. There you should find alerts for the latest viruses, information about … [Read more...]

Outlook and Outlook Express

This page will hopefully clarify some of the noted confusion about the ability of Outlook and Outlook Express to interact with worms and viruses. In … [Read more...]

File Extensions

One of the most asked questions lately is "What extensions should I scan and/or watch for in E-mail attachments?" While a valid question, some caveats … [Read more...]