Virus History Summary

Below is an expanded summary of the history of viruses from the start to when I stopped recording "new" events. Narrative histories of the early … [Read more...]

Peer-to-Peer Network

A peer-to-peer (P2P or rarely PtP) computer network uses computers connected to other computers in a network instead of going through a central hub or … [Read more...]

Search Poisoning

Let's face it, users trust search engines like Google and others. Search Poisoning takes advantage of this trust and attempts to lure users to … [Read more...]

Trusted Software or Site

Actually, the summary above about says it all. Floppy disks (back in the old days), CDs (more recently), and downloads of commercial software or … [Read more...]

Some Virus Threat Details

These pages detail some techniques that various historical viruses/worms use to infect. There is not enough information here to enable you to write a … [Read more...]

Back Orifice

Back Orifice is a Trojan that provides a backdoor into your computer when active and you are connected to the Internet. The original program came out … [Read more...]


Kakworm (KAK) is a worm. It takes advantage of a security vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser and Outlook Express mail program. A … [Read more...]


Sneaking up on the world in July 1996 while everyone was so worried about Word macro viruses, Laroux became the first Microsoft Excel macro virus and … [Read more...]

Love Letter

A Visual Basic Script worm that spread widely around the world simply because people were too curious for their own good and opened an E-mail … [Read more...]


Melissa is a combination Word macro virus and E-mail worm. It was first found on Friday, 26 March 1999 and spread very rapidly around the … [Read more...]