Software Threats

Software threats can be general problems or an attack by one or more types of malicious programs. Software Problems This category accounts for … [Read more...]

Logic Bombs

Just like a real bomb, a logic bomb will lie dormant until triggered by some event. The trigger can be a specific date, the number of times executed, … [Read more...]

Are There Good Viruses?

By definition, viruses do not have to do something bad. An early (and current) virus researcher, Fred Cohen, has argued that good computer viruses are … [Read more...]

How Serious are Viruses?

It's important to keep viruses in perspective. There are many other threats to your programs and data that are much more likely to harm you than … [Read more...]

Virus Names

What's in a name? When it comes to viruses it's a matter of identification to the general public. An anti-virus program does not really need the name … [Read more...]

Number of Viruses

There are more MS-DOS/Windows viruses than all other types of viruses combined (by a large margin). Estimates of exactly how many there are vary … [Read more...]

Virus Behavior

Viruses need time to infect. Not all viruses attack, but all use system resources and often have bugs. Viruses come in a great many different … [Read more...]

Introduction to Viruses

Viruses are a cause of much confusion and a target of considerable misinformation even from some virus experts. Let's define what we mean by … [Read more...]

CKnow Virus Tutorial

Welcome to the Computer Knowledge tutorial on computer viruses. We'll discuss what they are, give you some history, discuss protection from viruses, … [Read more...]

Virus Tutorial Table of Contents

Table of Contents The tutorial is designed to be read start to finish but should you wish to jump directly to a tutorial page, come back here and use … [Read more...]