How Viruses Infect

Viruses are sometimes also categorized by how they infect. These categorizations often overlap the categories above and may even be included in the description (e.g., polymorphic file virus). These categories include:

  • Armored Viruses
    Viruses that are programmed to make disassembly difficult.
  • Tunneling Viruses
    Viruses that try to “tunnel” under anti-virus software while infecting.
  • NTFS ADS Viruses
    Viruses that ride on the alternate data streams in the NT File System.
  • Buffer Overflow
    Viruses can sneak into the system when data overflows a buffer holding it.
  • Botnet
    Botnets can spread viruses and other malware automatically or on command.
  • Social Engineering
    This is probably the fastest way for a virus, worm or Trojan to spread.
  • Search Poisoning
    Viruses can be spread by Web pages constructed to be high in search results.
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