Microsoft Automated Troubleshooting Services

This may not be new to some but I suspect many avoid the Microsoft site when having problems with Windows in fear of being charged or not being able … [Read more...]

Create Glassy Buttons

Many sites use glassy buttons. Many tutorials try to explain how to build them. It's detailed work using layers and the like but you don't have to go … [Read more...]

What’s WOT?

Web of Trust is a community-based surfing tool that uses a peer-based rating system. The rating system is implemented as a browser add-on and the … [Read more...]

What Did You Do to FILExt?

Back when Microsoft was testing Windows XP Computer Knowledge had a single page of file extension listings. Many others had such lists as well but the … [Read more...]

Malware and Child Porn

Do you use non-secure file sharing? Do you look for sites where you can find ways of playing games without paying for them? Download and use software … [Read more...]

Helpful? Hardly!

[Originally published 11/18/2009] The AARP has published an interesting article about a new scam. It's yet another social engineering scheme designed … [Read more...]

Beware Spambots

Hi spambots! By visiting this page and harvesting the links on it you will next be visiting a honeypot page where you will havest an E-mail address … [Read more...]

Haiti Relief – Good and Bad

[Originally posted 1/14/2010] The earthquake in Haiti is a tragedy. Sadly, tragedies tend to result in an upturn in malware and social engineering … [Read more...]

Suspicious.Insight Symantec Rating Hurting Small Software Vendors

Symantec has implemented what they are calling "reputation-based security" and it is causing smaller software vendors some trouble. The basis of this … [Read more...]

Change Fonts and Save the World

Today (4/22/2010) is the 40th Earth Day so it's probably appropriate to mention how you can help the environment with little or no effort on your … [Read more...]