Why Do I See Action Canceled When Trying to Use a Network Help File?

At times you may see "Action canceled" when trying to access content in a .CHM Windows help file. The most likely cause of this is a security patch … [Read more...]

Bits Bytes and Multiple Bytes

The various terms used for digital measurements can be confusing. This page attempts to at least explain what the various terms actually mean. CKnow … [Read more...]

Video Display Standards

Video display standards have evolved from early monochrome to today's high resolution color. The evolution of these standards is summarized … [Read more...]

Donder vs Donner – That’s right Santa’s reindeer

In 1823 Clement C. Moore wrote a poem naming Santa's reindeer. He named one of the reindeer "Donder." In the 1950s Gene Autry made the song "Rudolph … [Read more...]

Random Thoughts

This is the start of the CKnow blog. It will be a random entry blog of items of interest to the CKnow Website owner and posting will depend on when … [Read more...]

Google’s Server Setup

CNET News has posted a story about how Google manages their server farm(s). This once secret information reveals a company who, despite their revenue, … [Read more...]

Cyber Attacks Getting Worse?

[Original post 4/10/2009] Increasing news reports are indicating that cyber attacks are both increasing and getting increasingly bad. A number of … [Read more...]

Twitter Worm(s)

Twitter and other services need to address security. You, the user, need to as well. Yet another Twitter cross-site scripting worm is making its … [Read more...]

Les Misérables

[Original post 5/6/2009] Les Misérables as put on by the California Central Coast-based PCPA organization is an outstanding … [Read more...]

Any Servicemember Mail Suspended

As ex-military, I support supporting the troops. One of the ways of doing so, widely written about on the Web, is to address a letter to "any … [Read more...]