Robert Slade Computer Virus History

Narrative histories are available from several sources. Robert M. Slade’s is a somewhat more technically oriented history and is available here with permission of Robert M. Slade. Please do not further use the material without obtaining your own permission to use it…

History of Computer Viruses
Robert M. Slade

Chapter 1 – Earliest History of Viral Programs

Chapter 2 – Early viral related programs

Chapter 3 – Fred Cohen

Chapter 4 – Pranks and Trojans

Chapter 5 – Apple Virus

Chapter 6 – Lehigh and Jerusalem

Chapter 7 – (c) Brain

Chapter 8 – MacMag virus

Robert Slade has also written or contributed to books about viruses. One is shown here…

Book - Viruses Revealed
Viruses Revealed
David Harley, Urs E. Gattiker, Robert Slade
(I’m told Computer Knowledge is mentioned in Chapter 8!)

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