Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Every now and again while wandering around the Internet I find something very interesting. Found something today [7/17/2009] that is outstanding for tweaking Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Called Ultimate Windows Tweaker and now in version 2, this is an excellent free program that allows you to make many changes to how both Vista and Windows 7 works. By putting in the right tweaks you can make your system both faster and perhaps more stable. No need to do any registry editing or searching for the proper little dialog box hidden deep into some menu structure; just click on some boxes, click apply, and the changes are made.

For safety you can even create a checkpoint before applying the changes and if you really get lost, there is a restore defaults button that takes you back to Windows as it was installed for any of the changes the program can make.

Even better, no installation is necessary. Just download the ZIP file, open the archive, and run the program.

If you want to give it a try, The Windows ClubWeb Link website has the latest version.