Tutorial Which Explains TUTOR.COM

A tutorial that explains the TUTOR.COM program itself and includes the shareware order forms (with address information redacted since it’s now free). This tutorial is left as part of the complete archive but, frankly, you can probably skip it and not even notice you’d done so. 🙂

Below are the 15 screenshots that make up this tutorial. Click on each thumbnail to expand it and/or move through all 15 (assuming you have JavaScript active for this site).

Introduction 001 Title Screen Title screen: Notes on TUTOR.COM.
Introduction 002 How to Use TUTOR.COM How to use the TUTOR.COM program.
Introduction 003 Answering Questions The answer capability.
Introduction 004 User Menu The user menu.
Introduction 005 What is TUTOR.COM What is the TUTOR program?
Introduction 006 Why Register Why register?
Introduction 007 What You Receive More about what you receive.
Introduction 008 How to Register How to register?
Introduction 009 Basic Order Form Basic order form.
Introduction 010 License Only Option License only order form.
Introduction 011 Site License Site license order form.
Introduction 012 Credit Card Authorization Credit card payment form.
Introduction 013 Out-of-US Registration Out of U.S. registrations.
Introduction 014 Support Support.
Introduction 015 End Screen That’s all there is to it!