Introduction to Programming

A tutorial that introduces computer programming; concentrating on the basics of structured programming.

Below are the 19 screenshots that make up this tutorial. Click on each thumbnail to expand it and/or move through all 19 (assuming you have JavaScript active for this site).

Programming 001 Title Screen Title screen: Introduction to Programming.
Programming 002 What Is It Programming – What is it?
Programming 003 Process Programming process.
Programming 004 Translators Translators.
Programming 005 Language Hierarchy Programming language hierarchy.
Programming 006 Style Programming style.
Programming 007 Sequence Sequence.
Programming 008 Selection Selection.
Programming 009 Looping For Looping: For.
Programming 010 Looping While Do Looping: While.
Programming 011 Looping Repeat Until Looping: Repeat.
Programming 012 Top Down Design Top down design.
Programming 013 Example Problem An example.
Programming 014 Iteration Approach An example (continued).
Programming 015 Calculation Example An example (continued further).
Programming 016 Example Run Through An example (continued further).
Programming 017 Languages Languages.
Programming 018 Program Structure Program structure.
Programming 019 Endnotes Endnotes.