History of Computers

A tutorial that summarizes the history of computers.

Below are the 18 screenshots that make up this tutorial. Click on each thumbnail to expand it and/or move through all 18 (assuming you have JavaScript active for this site).

History 001 Title Page Title screen: Notes on Computer History.
History 002 Introduction Introduction and references.
History 003 Beginning The beginning.
History 004 Babbage Babbage and The Countess of Lovelace.
History 005 Babbage Contribution Babbage’s contribution.
History 006 Hollerith Herman Hollerith and the 1890 census.
History 007 World War II World War II.
History 008 First Generation The generations: first.
History 009 Second Generation The generations: second.
History 010 Third Generation The generations: third.
History 011 Fourth Generation The generations: fourth.
History 012 Microcomputers Microcomputers.
History 013 Early 1970s Microcomputers (continued).
History 014 1974-75 Microcomputers (continued further).
History 015 1976-77 Micros: the 70’s continue.
History 016 End of 1970s Closing out the 70s.
History 017 1980s The 1980’s.
History 018 Future The future.