DOS Batch Files

A tutorial that teaches about batch files; including how to use batch files to construct simple programs that operate within the operating system to simplify tasks.

Below are the 30 screenshots that make up this tutorial. Click on each thumbnail to expand it and/or move through all 30 (assuming you have JavaScript active for this site).

Batch 001 Opening Screen Title screen: Batch Files.
Batch 002 Definition Definition.
Batch 004 Parameters Parameters.
Batch 005 Parameter Example Parameter example.
Batch 006 Subcommand List Batch subcommands.
Batch 007 ECHO Command ECHO.
Batch 008 REMark Command REMark.
Batch 009 PAUSE Command PAUSE.
Batch 010 Short Review Test A short review.
Batch 011 MORE Command More.
Batch 012 GOTO Command GOTO.
Batch 013 IF Errorlevel Test IF.
Batch 014 IF String Comparison IF (continued).
Batch 015 IF Exist Test IF (continued further).
Batch 016 Password Example An example.
Batch 017 SHIFT Command SHIFT.
Batch 018 FOR IN DO Command FOR..IN..DO.
Batch 019 FOR IN DO Example FOR..IN..DO example.
Batch 020 FOR IN DO Example Continued Example continued.
Batch 021 FOR IN DO Example Continued Example continued further.
Batch 022 FOR IN DO Command FOR..IN..DO using DOS commands.
Batch 023 CALL Command Call.
Batch 024 At Sign Another DOS 3.3 addition.
Batch 025 Backup Example Sample #1.
Batch 026 Find Example Sample #2.
Batch 027 Branching Sample Sample #3.
Batch 029 Endnotes Notes.
Batch 030 Summary A summary.