How Do I Find Out What a DLL File Does?

Sometimes, you might want to know about a particular file; not a data file, but a particular .DLL or .EXE file. While this can be a daunting process because of the sheer number of such files, several sites exist that attempt to give you that information:

  • ProcessLibrary.comWeb Link is a product of Uniblue Systems Ltd. the people behind PowerSuite 2009, a program that combines Uniblue products RegistryBooster, SpeedUpMyPC and DriverScanner, creating a complete solution for updating your PC and delivering improved system stability and increased computer speeds. The website is derived from many system scans from users around the world.
  • Filename.infoWeb Link is a developing database of programs and .DLL files. Each file in the database on that site has basic information about which program owns the file, version and size information, checksum data, and other data as available.
  • Microsoft DLL Search
    Microsoft maintained a DLL search engine for all of their products. The DLL Help application was retired on February 8, 2010 and is no longer accessible.